Shirtless David Puddy poses with David Puddy goalie mask (Photo)


The classic sitcom “Seinfeld” gave the pop culture world many enduring legacies – Festivus, shrinkage, Julia-Louis Dreyfus – while also delivering one for hockey culture: David Puddy, lunk-headed boyfriend of Elaine Benes, and his face/chest painted support of the New Jersey Devils.

Everybody now: ‘Gotta support the team.’

The visage of his red and green face was immortalized on the goalie mask of Scott Wedgewood of the New Jersey Devils, whose throwback Devils lid was pretty sweet.

David Gunnarsson, the creator of the mask, shared the photo above on his official Facebook page, as the great Patrick Warburton was given a mask with his painted-up David Puddy on it. “it was a huge honor to create and paint it for you,” he wrote.

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And with that, the pop culture circle is complete. But please don’t try to touch his mask without asking.

Because you don’t mess with the Devils, buddy.


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