Senators’ goal called off on Silfverberg goalie interference; worst call of the year contender?

Harrison Mooney
February 3, 2013

Jakob Silfverberg scored the Ottawa Senators' lone goal in their 2-1 loss to the Montreal Canadiens' Sunday, but that wasn't the only time he factored into Ottawa's goal-scoring. He also managed to get one taken away.

Early in the third period, with Silfverberg playing the net-front presence during some zone pressure, the Senators scored the game-tying goal. Then, in what appears to be another early contender for the worst call of the year, the officials said "no goal", claiming Silfverberg interfered with Carey Price. Except that he, uh, didn't appear to:

Yep. The goal wasn't just waved off, either. The Canadiens' got a powerplay out of that. I think we can stop feeling bad for Carey price for having the triple low-5 taken away. His fortune has turned.

It's tough to poinpoint the moment where Silfverberg could even be suspected of interfering with Price. The two make some contact, but it appears to be Price reaching out and giving Silfverberg a gentle shove with his blocker. Furthermore, it's well outside the crease. Here's a screengrab of the moment:

Does this look like illegal contact to you? It's hardly contact. Price didn't seem to all that bothered, either. When the puck blew by him in the very next instant, he didn't object in the slightest.

But it's not about whether Price objects. It's about whether Brian Pochmara objects, and unfortunately for the Senators, he did.

That's the closest the Senators would come to tying the game, so naturally, the questionable callled to Ottawa fans feeling they'd been screwed out of at least a point. Were they?