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Scott Hannan signs; Todd Bertuzzi vs. an 11-year-old; Mike Danton wants back in (Puck Headlines)

• The Melbourne Ice are an Australian Hockey League team, and they're currently the feature of a fun, 24/7-style documentary series titled "The Ice: Road to 3peat." Check out all four episodes here and the intro video above. stick-tap to Jason for passing that along [Ice: Road to 3peat]

• The Predators have signed Scott Hannan to a one-year, $1 million deal. Ryan Suter who, amirite? [Predators]

• Sit back and enjoy this woman's account of the time she was an 11-year-old goalie and Todd Bertuzzi knocked her out with a slapshot to the face. [The Classical]

• Mike Danton is blogging for Gong Show Gear and his latest has him questioning why he can't get back into the NHL. "I have said it before and I will say it again — if I cannot play in the NHL, I want it to be because I am not good enough, not because I am not allowed in the United States." It's an interesting read, especially when he cites examples of people who have been seen more forgiveness than he has, such as Michael Vick, Dany Heatley, and child molesters. Yikes. [Gong Show Gear]

• Speaking of Gong Show Gear, they sell jeans specially made to fit hockey player asses. They're called Hockey Ass Jeans. [Toronto Star]

• Comparing what Gary Bettman said in 2004 to what he said in 2012. [CBC]

• Alexei Kovalev is contemplating a return to the NHL. He says he has a couple of tryout offers. [LF Press]

• Madison Square Garden opened its doors to the media Wednesday for a tour of the second of their recent renovations. Among the changes to come: the return of the blue seats in the 400 level that were removed after the 1991 season. [NY Times]

• Mike Brophy's take on why Gary Bettman's the messenger, not the villain, features this Chris Chelios quote from 1995-95 lockout: "Some crazed fans, or even a player, might take matters into his own hands and figure they can get Bettman out of the way." Oof. [Sportsnet]• And wouldn't you know it, that interview still is on Youtube. Here you go, friends.

• Don Maloney, on the Coyotes' ownership situation: "It's still trending positively. We're still very optimistic about it. Once that happens, hopefully we can re-sign Shane to a deal that works for both of us." Same as it ever was. [AZ Central]

• Can Mikael Granlund become the next Finnish superstar? [The Hockey Writers]

• Steve Ludzik has launched a website that helps hockey players stay in touch with old teammtes. No, it's not Facebook. It's called [St. Catherines Standard]

• Why is Jamie Benn still unsigned? CBA uncertainty. [Defending Big D]

• How a lockout could stunt hockey's growth in the U.S. [United States of Hockey]

• Who will be the next Sean Avery? Here are five possible candidates. [MSG]

• Watch BizNasty doing yoga with Canadian TV personality/Playboy model Amy Lynn Grover. I enjoy the moment when he says "There's a lot of sexual tension here" while patting his belly. Hey, that's my go-to move too! [Backhand Shelf]

• Looking at every goal Mason Raymond scored in 2011-12. [PITB]

• Cool stathead stuff, as usual, from Eric. T: time on ice competition plots for all 30 NHL teams. [NHL Numbers]

• Watch Erik Karlsson accure all 78 points from the 2011-12 season in this 14-minute video.

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