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Rangers assure that Sean Avery doesn’t intend to beat up NY Post

Greg Wyshynski
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The New York Post's acerbic Page Six reported on Tuesday that New York Rangers winger Sean Avery and his Estée Lauder model girlfriend Hilary Rhoda broke up this summer.

And lest anyone believe that gossip columnists don't risk their wellbeing each day to bring us such information … Page Six claims Sean Avery wanted to beat them up for reporting it.

From the NY Post:

But when we asked Avery about his breakup with Rhoda, he warned Page Six that if we write about it, "I'll see you out." Not if we see you first, tough guy.

Despite his fighting talk, a rep for Madison Square Garden denied Avery was trying to threaten us out of writing this story. The rep said, "I have spoken with Sean, and he made it clear to me that his comments were not meant to be threatening in any way. He also does not wish to make any comments about his personal life."

So, in summary, Madison Square Garden had to put out a statement promising that Sean Avery didn't threaten a gossip columnist with bodily harm. Must be Tuesday ...

You know, this stuff probably wouldn't have happened in Dallas. Which is probably why Sean Avery is in New York, come to think of it.

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