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Puck Headlines: Will Peter Forsberg be anything but questionable ever again?

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Here are your Afternoon Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Hey, there's a chance Peter Forsberg might play tonight against Detroit. And there's a chance he won't. In other news, water is still wet ... [Rocky Mountain News]

• Meanwhile, Tapeleg has no idea how in the hell Jose Theodore is getting the start in Game 3 over Peter Budaj. "For the life of me, I can not figure out what Budaj said that has kept him on the bench this much. Seriously, did he sleep with someone's wife?" C'mon, Tape: It's the coach that's supposed to sleep with the goalie's wife, remember? [Jersey and Hockey Love]

• Are Dallas fans getting a little too big-headed? "Considering their past playoff heart breaks, the Stars are the last team to think that their farts freshen the air like Febreze." [Battle of California]

• The Calgary Flames have re-signed Daymond Langkow ... as soon as Daymond Langkow, you know, actually signs something. [Sun Media]

• Pat Quinn coaching the Ottawa Senators? Well, that's an easy team slogan for next season: "Where windows of opportunity have closed." [Garrioch]

• Looking at the various conspiracy theories surrounding the New York Rangers/Pittsburgh Penguins series. [Open Hockey]

• By the way: No big changes expected for the Rangers in Game 3. Well, except for that whole "not scoring a goal" thing, for their fans' sakes. [Blueshirts Blog]

• An assessment of the Philadelphia Flyers' fans last night, including their booing of the Canadian anthem and their hyper-violent scoreboard announcer. Again, they didn't throw any beer at a Montreal player. They've still got that going for them, which is nice. [Globe & Mail]

• They let one of the Melt Your Face Off boys into Hockeytown? In the front row of the Joe, no less?! [MYFO]

• Finally, Mike Chen believes Ron Wilson is too goofy to motivate the Sharks. "The problem is that his acerbic wit, which makes for great press clippings, is too smart-ass to be a jerk disciplinarian. While he does goofy things to keep his teams loose (like sprinkle in movie quotes or take his team curling), his smart-assness and passive-aggressive media ploying makes it hard for players to want to skate through a wall for him." [Chen]

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