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Greg Wyshynski

Pittsburgh vs. Detroit: Who has the better coach?

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On Friday and Saturday, Puck Daddy's Sean Leahy and Greg Wyshynski are previewing every facet of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings -- on the ice and off the ice. You can find all of our Stanley Cup Playoffs coverage here.

There are three things in life that I really, really hate: People who say "supposebly," guys who tuck their jerseys into their jeans, and being dreadfully wrong in my opinion about something or someone in hockey.

I've long said the Penguins were going to need a different, better coach than Michel Therrien to take the next step and become a Stanley Cup champion. While that may still be the case, I don't believe it's fair to malign Therrien as some sort of weak link any longer. At this point, his competence as a coach is as affirmed as Marc-Andre Fleury's aptitude as a postseason goalie. Is he still capable of making a boneheaded decision? Well, Crosby did take that face-off against Mike Richards at the end of Game 4. But, overall, he's managed a talented team to the final stanza.

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With the blinding star power of the Red Wings' roster, Mike Babcock will never get the credit he deserves for pushing this team harder than it had been pushed since Scotty Bowman left the bench. He's always been a different sort of coach, practiced in the dark arts of sports psychology rather than having cut his teeth as an NHL player. But whatever he's doing has turned Detroit into a juggernaut on both sides of the ice. Anyone who claims he's just along for the ride obviously hasn't seen Dave Lewis coach.

ADVANTAGE: Detroit. As a staff, the Red Wings may be the class of the NHL. If it weren't for Bruce Boudreau, Babcock would be our pick for the Jack Adams, too.

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