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Pass or Fail: St. Louis Blues unofficial playoff hip-hop anthem ‘Blue Note Boogey’

Greg Wyshynski
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After the St. Louis Blues clinched the Central Division, local rock band Brookroyal unleashed "Bleed Blue" on an unsuspecting public, full of arena bombast and vague references to the current roster.

Now, from the South Side of St. Louis comes Deuce, a hip-hop duo with their own attempt at a Blues playoff anthem called "Blue Note Boogey." Fair warning, via their YouTube page: "This Video is for promotional purposes only & is intended to rally the St. Louis Blues to their 1st Stanley Cup Title. Lets Go Blues!!!"

"We in the play-yoffs/We in the play-yoffs!"

Sample prose:

"I'm a Blue fan/A true St. Loo fan
Just give the puck to my boy Oshie/
Let'em shoot man (shoot man)"

Now, granted, there are a few quibbles with their flow. "All" and "Hull" rhyme not so much. But otherwise, the "Blue Note Boogey" is a reminder that (a) St. Louis has playoff fever entering its game against the San Jose Sharks and (b) every hip-hop song should begin with a  goal horn and (c) two white boys can drop a track every bit as culturally impactful and aurally bewildering as Nelly's "Air Force Ones." (Get me tooper!)

They name-checked Patrik Berglund. That's gotta count for something. And besides, when's the last time a Deuce dropped something on you?

Pass or Fail: "Blue Note Boogey," the St. Louis Blues hip-hop anthem.

s/t to readers Mike Tonjes and Matthew Portell.

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