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Paris Hilton discusses her hockey career with David Letterman

It's a tribute to the talent of David Letterman that he manages to make "actress" Paris Hilton seem interesting and, inexplicably, human when she's a guest on "The Late Show." One of the greatest moments in recent television history was when our old pal Dave refused to allow Paris to deflect questions about her time in prison; when she said, "I don't want to talk about it anymore," his response was, "here's where you and I are different."

Last night, Paris was back on Letterman and the topic of her hockey playing past came up. It's a fact about the heiress that's bounced around the puck blogosphere for a while, inspiring more double-entendres about stick-handling than any real interest in her career as a prep school forward. Letterman entertained the subject for the first minute and a half of the following clip:

Sorry, Dave, but asking "Did you score much?" and then feigning innocence while the crowd hoots is as patented a Letterman bit as Stupid Pet Tricks. Well played, sir. Meanwhile, we're guessing Jose Theordore isn't exactly proud that his ex-hookup is making more hockey headlines than he is at this point in the postseason.

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