P.K. Subban takes down Penguins’ Chris Kunitz with a slewfoot (Video)

Harrison Mooney

(UPDATE: The NHL announced Subban has been fined $2,500, the maximum allowed under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, for a "dangerous trip" on Kunitz.)

With all the talk of picking, blindside hits, and the leaving one's feet that has dominated the discussion this season, it's often easy to forget that there are all sorts of dirty hits that have nothing to do with the head.

With that in mind, I'd like to thank P.K. Subban for reminding us all of the effectiveness of the traditional slewfoot.

One imagines Chris Kunitz -- not to mention Pittsburgh Penguins fans -- will be far less appreciative.

Now, there appears to be some debate over whether or not this was a slewfoot or, say, a genial and fortuitous coming together of Subban and Kunitz's boots. For the naysayers, here's another angle, courtesy @TPBDerek:

Yeah. That's a slewfoot.

And now we turn to the question of Shanaban-ability. Is this incident worthy of supplemental discipline? I'm of the mind that it is, especially since Subban appears to be developing a knack for slewfoot-y tendencies.

Here he is, pulling a similar stunt on Brandon Dubinsky.

This hit sparked a debate as well, with many claiming it wasn't a slewfoot, it was just a basic trip. But I'm of the mind that, when you kick a guy's leg out from under him in order to take him down, you know, that's a slewfoot.

The last thing to consider is where the hit takes place. An open ice slew foot is one thing, but the second video gives you a pretty strong indication of the sorts of injuries Kunitz was lucky to avoid when his legs crumpled into the boards. It can't possibly be okay to take a guy down like that. Can it?