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Brian Campbell accidentally shows Pavel Datsyuk how to dangle (Photo)

Greg Wyshynski
Puck Daddy

OTTAWA — Before the 2012 NHL All-Star Game on Sunday, Pavel Datsyuk of the Detroit Red Wings took some time to autograph a few items and oh dear god it's Brian Campbell's bean bag ...

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ED NOTE (2/2/12): Originally, we had an image of Brian Campbell standing sans pants behind Pavel Datsyuk. We covered the offending parts with an image of Stanley C. Panther, the Florida Panthers' mascot, and told readers to search out the unedited image. That image actually appeared on Yahoo! Sports' photo stream, and at the NHL's request we helped take it down after Getty Images, which took and published the photo, killed the image from its international photo wire.</em>

<em>Because their photo editor missed the fact that Brian Campbell's scrotum was visible in the background of a photograph they published around the world, Getty Images asked to have the edited version of the photo taken down as well, as per the term of Yahoo!'s contract with them. We have complied in our expected immature way. We can only hope that Getty's frantic, emphatic covering of its own naughty bits was effective in not ruining locker room access for the rest of us. </em>
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