Official Calgary Flames Twitter calls Ales Hemsky contract offer ‘a joke’

Strange things are afoot in social media as the NHL trade deadline nears.

The official Twitter feeds for most NHL teams are usually reserved for game notes, contests, occasional news and some fan interaction. Which is to say that they're not where you'd expect to find scathing editorial comments about opposing players.

Mr. Feaster is that *you*?

That was the reaction by the Calgary Flames' official Twitter feed to a report by TSN that the Edmonton Oilers have offered Ales Hemsky a two-year deal worth $10 million. Which apparently is a joke, says the team paying Jay Bouwmeester.

As expected, the tweet on NHLFlames was removed and there was a correction moments later:

We imagine, someone is now in a social media training workshop or getting their affairs in order. But hey, it could have been worse: Anthony Weiner could have been running their Twitter feed ...

Meanwhile, the Columbus Blue Jackets have met a difficult time for the franchise with dripping sarcasm.

The Jackets' Twitter feed is more interactive than most with fans. Friday's Q&A session came after the Thursday night Jeff Carter trade and … well, it was glorious.

This makes us hope for a Rick Nash trade on Monday. Just to read Tuesday's tweets …