NHL ugly Christmas sweaters, our favorite new holiday horror show

It’s clear, at this point, that hockey loves Christmas.

Maybe a little too much.

The NHL takes the day off. They hold Santa Claus fight clubs. They dress their players in garish holiday eyesores that are then auctioned off for charity.

Now the NHL has decided to bring hockey’s painful brand of yuletide cheer into your homes, office parties and the lives of your ironic hipster friends.

Behold, the NHL ugly holiday sweaters.

Created by Forever Collectables, the NFL was the first out of the gate with ugly Christmas sweaters, because Mike Ditka must be clothed at all times.  The NHL sweaters were unleashed upon an unsuspecting public later.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

There are two different types of sweaters: Ones that have adorable prints like the one on the left, and ones that appear to be designed by an elf on PCP.

This Detroit Red Wings sweater is an example of the latter template.

While it lacks the adorability factor, it’s still a heartwarming a symbol of the holiday season, like those $1,000 pre-lit metal trees no one buys at Target.

Seriously, even the biggest Grinch will have the ice around his heart melted by this Christmas couture:


That’s not to say these are perfect. First, they cost $64.95, which is a hefty price for something you’ll wear once as a total joke.

But some of the designs can be improved as well. Take the Philadelphia Flyers, for example: 

Candy canes are not the Flyers way. Little scary Bernie Parent masks are the Flyers way. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fright, er , night … 

s/t Jessica Zee