NHL’s Stanley Cup shot glasses commemorate Blackhawks’ triumph over… Penguins? (Photo)

"The game may be over," reads the product description for this set of officially licensed shot glasses available for purchase through NHL.com, "but you can continue celebrating your #1 NHL® team's victory any time with this Hunter® Chicago Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup® Champions 4-pack shot glass set!"

Indeed you can. And we're sure this set of tiny commemorative glasses will make a great memory of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final -- provided you're from the alternate universe where, according to the glass on the bottom left, the Blackhawks defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Yeah. According to the image accompanying this product, which you can purchase right here, not only did the Boston Bruins fail to win the Stanley Cup Final, they weren't even in it.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

Here's a screengrab from the NHL shop:

Why, how did you get there, penguin?

When were these shot glasses -- or at least the image for them -- even made? Because if you know the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, you know who they beat. And if they were made, say, before the Final even began, at what point did it even seem like a likelihood that the Penguins were going to be meeting the Blackhawks there? Early May?

Our theory: whoever made this image did so after using the shot glasses as they were intended.

s/t to Reddit Hockey.

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