More CBA talk; Brathwaite wants one more shot; Watch paint dry for free (Puck Headlines)

• There's a criticism that Maple Leafs ownership feels no pressure to ice a competitive team because their fans would literally pay to watch paint dry. Ownership finally does away with that criticism by not charging to watch paint dry. [Maple Leafs]

• The CBA's fatal flaw -- that it helped the rich teams, rather than the poor teams it claimed to -- was apparent to some eight years ago. [Canes Now]

• Breaking: Gary Bettman has blunk. [Globe & Mail]

• Speaking of Bettman, because this is America and everyone deserves a good defense, Spector stands up for him. [Spector's Hockey]

• Have the Penguins been quiet this summer because they suspected the cap would drop? [Pensburgh]

• Why the NHL's latest CBA offer is a non-starter. Another non-starter? Good God, at some point these guys need to start. [Sports Illustrated]

Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula has been granted approval to build two more hockey rinks in the Buffalo area. The man wants to spend money on hockey so bad. [WGR 550]

• Carrie Underwood wants husband Mike Fisher to fight because he's tough. "I've learned he's a tough guy. Mike's the kind of guy that does not complain. He could have, like, a broken ankle, and you'd never know it." Word of advice to Fisher: communication is important in a marriage. Tell your wife your ankle is broken. [Taste of Country]

• The Islanders are in year 5 of their rebuild. Is this the year it finally all comes together? [SB Nation]

• Speaking of the Islanders, they're offseason losers, according to DGB. "Despite a handful of roster moves, still can't reasonably be expected to compete in an Atlantic Division where every other team has the unfair advantage of getting to play multiple games against the New York Islanders." [Down Goes Brown]

• If there's a lockout, Mike "The K isn't silent although it totally looks like it should be" Knuble may be a casualty. [Washington Times]

• Freddy Brathwaite wants one more crack at the NHL, and the photo at the top of the article should illustrate that he's willing to lose a little dignity to get it. [Edmonton Sun]

• The conclusion of a very interesting three-part series on tracking scoring chances. [Japers Rink]

• An in-depth look at goalie mask airbrush art. Good stuff here. [The Hockey Writers]

• Meet Connor McDavid, hockey's next next one. [The Spec]

• I think I would like to own this pond hockey t-shirt. [Backyard Hockey]

• Michael Cammalleri is looking for a much better season than last. But he's also aware that's hardly ground-breaking. "I'll probably tell you that every year until I hang 'em up, but it's been a couple of tough years for me, as far as my expectations of myself and my performance." [Slam]

• This commercial has been airing in Canada for quite some time, but it's great, and I've been led to believe a lot of Americans haven't seen it, which is a shame, so enjoy.

Encorp: No Passing from bingo pyjama on Vimeo.