Miks Indrasis ties KHL game up late with insane lacrosse-style goal (VIDEO)

Harrison Mooney
January 22, 2013

We've seen it time and time again. A team is pressing for the game-tying goal, but the opposing netminder is just shutting the door. No matter where you shoot from, he always seems to be there. Eventually, it becomes clear that it's going to take something absolutely spectacular to beat him.

Lucky for Miks Indrasis of Dinamo Riga, he had a little spectacular in the tank, and with under five minutes to go and Lokomotiv leading 1-0, he did this:

Dear Lord.

I mean, we've seen lacrosse-style goals before. We've even seen them in big games. But a game-tying goal this late in a game? Did I already say dear Lord? Because dear Lord.

You've got to feel for the netminder, former NHL journeyman Curtis Sanford, who was under five minutes away from a shutout when this happened. How is that fair?

Be sure to keep watching after the goal is scored, by the way, so you can see the reaction from Dinamo Riga head coach Artis Ābols:

A thing of beauty, that goal was.

s/t to Igor Eronko.

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