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Mike Milbury vs. NHL playoff officiating (Video)

Agreeing with Mike Milbury can either be life-affirming or patently disturbing. On NHL playoff officiating, for the most part, we find ourselves agreeing with the NBC analyst’s take that the officiating has been “lousy” in 2013.

Here’s Mad Mike on NBC Sports Network on Friday night:

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Again, an un-whistled hooking call in a double-overtime conference final playoff game isn’t a travesty. It’s treated as one because it led to a game-winning goal, but unless the official is a pre-cog from “Minority Report” there’s no predicting the result of the play. Had it happened in the offensive zone, perhaps it’s called. Had it happened on a scoring play, it’s likely called. In the neutral zone? Not so much.

He’s right: The officiating has been subpar this postseason, as it was subpar in the regular season. “Lousy” is, frankly, underselling it.

(It was however interesting to hear Milbury say that NBC analysts have been “kind” to the referees because they didn’t want to get in trouble. Hmmmm…)

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