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Maybe Dallas should just use the glow puck

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One of the most aesthetically pleasing traditions in the Stanley Cup Playoffs is when teams encourage their fans to all wear the same color to home games. The Winnipeg Jets' most lasting legacy in the NHL was the stark "white out" in the arena during the playoffs; the Coyotes have carried it to Phoenix, and will threaten to sue your pants off if you steal the idea -- just ask Penn State football.

Detroit had a "Join the Red Wave" marketing slogan for the 2007 postseason. The Calgary Flames have had an impressive "C of red" for years, and it's a hell of a sight (video). Flames fans noticed that other teams have adopted the "red out" this postseason in Washington and New Jersey. The Capitals fashion statement has inspired a "red craze" of sorts around the District; expect to see more Philly orange in D.C. since tickets to Game 5 went on sale to the general public this week. The Devils' decision to "Rock Your Red" was a rather silly one considering that the Rangers were their first-round opponent and Blueshirt fans filled about a third of the building. Even if every Devils fan had in fact rocked their red, the Prudential Center still would have ended up looking like a 2004 Presidential Electoral map.

Now it's Dallas's turn, as the Stars have encouraged fans to "black out" the arena for Game 3 against the Ducks tonight. Hmmm, what else is black in the NHL, besides Sean Avery's heart? Oh, that's right: the puck. Stars goalie Marty Turco was asked about trying to see the rubber when the fans have all gone goth:

"I think all goalies prefer white out, as long as the puck's black," he said. "If it gets over [the edge of] the glass and above and beyond, it's going to be a tough battle to see it. But both goalies are in the same predicament, so all's fair. It should be interesting to see."

All of this postseason colorization is great, save for one thing: Why should a fan that paid hundreds of dollars for an authentic 1999 Mike Modano home white jersey have to neglect it for a black T-shirt? Especially when we all know wearing the jersey or leaving it at home could determine whether the team wins or loses, right?

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