Lockout thoughts; Wings after Bouwmeester; Jamison found money? (Puck Headlines)

Harrison Mooney

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Maybe this is just an anecdote from Henrik Lundqvist's life. Or maybe this tale of his attempt to leave the apartment with a leash and no dog is a sly, chillingly apt metaphor for the owners' attempts to trim player revenue. The man is a genius.

• Looks like Greg Jamison may have found some extra money. [Five For Howling]

• Scott Burnside thinks that, if there's a lockout, fans should bail. [ESPN]

• This guy totally agrees with Scott Burnside. [The Importance of Being Rob]

• Mark Spector dispels CBA myths, such as "Both sides are doing everything they can to avoid a lockout." BUSTED. [Sportsnet]

• Sam Fels reacts to Gary Bettman's words from yesterday. "But there's something in there that I can't get behind. This tortured feeling of 'we can't do this any more' of the current CBA. As if it was some burden that the owners were carrying around, instead of a structure that's seen everyone make more money than they ever have before. And it's a structure the owners wanted. That's what's so galling." [Second City Hockey]

• The threat of a future lockout is partially Earl's fault. [Battle of Cali]

• The OHL's Windsor Spitfires did something bad. Bad enough to earn them a $400,000 fine and five draft picks. So, like, really bad. We don't know what it is, but they deny it. [Buzzing the Net]

• The Detroit Red Wings are working on a trade for Jay Bouwmeester. [MLive]

• I know we're all thinking it, so let's just get it out there on the table: how will the potential lockout effect the Fort Wayne Komets? [Fort Wayne News-Sentinel]

• When it comes to CBA negotiations, the big-market owners tend to be the ones that drive the bus. [Canucks Army]

• The top 5 defencemen in the Atlantic Division. [Hooked on Hockey]

• The competition for roster spots on next year's Chicago Blackhawks is going to be intense. [CSN Chicago]

• Jenna is an avid NHL fan that wanted to buy an NHL jersey for her Microsoft Xbox Live avatar. But only male avatars can wear the true NHL jerseys. [Gaming Examiner]

• Hey Jets fans, do you like the Jets? And do you like waiting? Because spots on the waitlist for season tickets have opened up! [CBC]

• Good column on Dominik Hasek and Cristobal Huet eyeing returns to the NHL. Am I crazy for thinking... package deal? [SI Red Light]

• Jonathan Quick has undergone minor back surgery. He's expected to recover -- wait for it -- quickly. *thundering ovation* [LA Kings Insider]

• And finally, it's the quiet indignation of the narrator that sells this short video for me.