Leo Komarov goal celebration is hockey trolling perfection (Video)

Greg Wyshynski
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Some goal celebrations are elaborate, with players pretending to kayak down the ice or that their stick is on fire or posing for a photo. And those are just the Russians!

But sometimes, simple is more effective. Like the celebration Moscow Dynamo’s Leo Komarov had in a hugely hyped Kontinental Hockey League game against SKA, as he scored a goal and then did the referee's job.

That’s Komarov gesturing emphatically at the puck three times as it sits behind Alexander Salak, before skating over to celebrate with his teammates.

I haven’t seen power-pointing like that since my Psych 101 project in college.

Of course, mine had more clip art and balloon transitions.

Hopefully this sparks a “mimicking the officials” celly revolution. Like a dude getting tripped and then mocking his opponent with the universal sign for tripping as he goes to the box.

Our only question: If Komarov was still with the Toronto Maple Leafs, how many milliseconds before he gets cross-checked to the side of the head by an opposing player and/or goaltender?

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