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LA Kings don’t know what the ‘L’ is going on at Staples (Video)

Greg Wyshynski
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It’s always cool when our quaint little NHL gets involved with big marketing campaigns. Of course, it also helps when the product in question is also the name on your arena.

So it is that Matt Greene and Jarrett Stoll of the Los Angeles Kings are in the latest ad campaign for Staples, in which they ponder what the ‘L’ happened:

Stoll, Greene and Bailey the Kings’ mascot are in this new ad debuting on ESPN on Wednesday (featuring SportsCenter anchors Stan Verrett and Neil Everett) which launches a rebranding for Staples, which is seeking to inform customers that it sells more than office supplies.

Did you know the ‘bent L’ in the Staples logo is, in fact, a bent staple? Well, they’re removing it (hence, what the ‘L’) so you know that the store is more than just office supplies. It's also a place where you can buy candy at the register while you pay for your office supplies. They also sell tape and pens. Wait, those are office supplies. OK, puppies. They sell them. Wait, that's the PetSmart next to it. Um ... chairs, maybe?

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