Woman faceplants on Staples Center ice during NBC LA broadcast (Video)

Imagine being on the ice for a Stanley Cup win. Imagine the excitement, the frenzy, people all over, shiny, happy people, unsure quite where to go, just milling about, tracing the movements of the Stanley Cup that was just hoisted over that very space. And you're there.

Now imagine that scene, but you're in heels. Here's what that looks like:

You said it, Mario Solis. Never a dull moment, indeed. This is why I always wear sensible flats.

Now, let's see it over, and over, and over...

Who is the young woman that went down to ice level, only to get even closer in a hurry? That would be ice girl Hannah Hunsinger.

It's okay to laugh. She was okay:

Of course she's smiling. Faceplant or no faceplant, her team just won the Cup.