Keys to the C.U.P.; Thornton on United Center; Blues will match offer sheets (Puck Headlines)

Harrison Mooney
June 10, 2013

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• After watching Bruins highlights all afternoon, a nine-year-old pieces together a quality game plan for the Chicago Blackhawks. Steal the puck whenever it's passed. That's the key to success. And I too have heard Rask is susceptible to "deeks". Anyway, if you know Joel Quenneville, pass this along to him. [Reddit Hockey]

• Pierre McGuire with another key to the Final: “Here’s the one deal. If I were being the advance scout for the Bruins. I would say, what we did to Sidney Crosby, a five-man gang on him, you’ve got to do that to Toews. It’s what Detroit did, it’s a big reason why it was a seven-game series. Jonathan Toews snapped in a game in Detroit, in Game 4 actually, he took three minor penalties in a row. He went cuckoo." [Big Bad Blog]

• They built these Cup finalists on rock and roll through savvy drafting, trades, and free agency. [CBC]

• Doug Armstrong: I ain't afraid of no ghost offer sheet. [STL Today]

• Lou Lamoriello doesn't regret firing Claude Julien six years ago. Hell, he says, get him on the phone and I'll fire him again right flipping now. [Star-Ledger]

• Shawn Thornton on the United Center: "It's amazing actually, the place is huge, it fits 21,000 or something stupid like that and it gets loud in there. It's a pretty special building to play in even during the regular season. This will be an all new experience for all of us but just like going into Montreal, just like going into any other big building, you can feed off it too, it's definitely their crowd, but there's an energy in there that should get you excited either way." [Boston]

• Still no deal in the NHL going to Sochi, and while it sounds like it's coming, they're running short on time. [Sportsnet]

• Jonathan Quick with a little sober self-evaluation: "I wasn’t very good throughout the regular season. I got a little better later in the season. I played pretty good hockey for a couple rounds, and then I feel like it was a big letdown this past series. Obviously that feeling of underperforming the past five games is going to kind of sit with me for a while. You’re going to think about that all summer and for most of the off-season. Leading up to camp you’ll start to think about next season. So where I go from there, you feel that sting for a little bit and you take a week or two to rest and recover and then you get back at it.” [LA Kings Insider]

• Bruins vs. Blackhawks raises one all-important question: who do Canucks fans root for? [PITB]

• Damien Cox would like the rules enforced, please and thank you. [Toronto Star]

• Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood were recently pulled over for speeding because their dog had to pee. This is a story someone wrote. [STV]

• There is more cause for concern in Glendale, because of course there is. [AZ Central]

• Bryan Bickell may have played his way off the Chicago Blackhawks. Way to go, dummy. [The Hockey Writers]

• I love everything about Dave's Geeky Hockey, including this new S.H.I.E.L.D. hockey jersey design. [Dave's Geeky Hockey]

• The New York Rangers have received permission to speak to Lindy Ruff. [PHT]

• Here's a video of a guy going berserk at the world ball hockey championship and injuring an opponent and an official in the process. He's probably in trouble. [Buzzing the Net]

• Great piece here from Leafs Nation on the departing Dallas Eakins. [Leafs Nation]

• Speaking of coaching moves, Dwayne Roloson is the new goaltending coach for the Anaheim Ducks. [Eric Stephens]

• Which team's failed playoff run was the most disappointing? [Grantland]

• Okay, either needs to move the camera up or move this demonstrative fan down.