Jonathan Quick once autographed a half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich (Video)

Greg Wyshynski
September 5, 2013

NHL players are rock stars in their own folksy way, and hence are asked to autograph various and sundry things: Memorabilia, body parts and, of course, half-eaten sandwiches.

That last item comes courtesy of Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick, who claims in this NHL video that he once autographed a grilled cheese sandwich for a fan. Which sounds ... messy.

Check out Quick and the rest of the NHL stars’ signing daze:

No word if Quick signed the sandwich along an image of the Virgin Mary.

As the goalie said, the grilled cheese he signed had two large bites taken out of it, which really does beg for more context. Was it like:

Munch munch … oh hey, it’s Jonathan Quick from the Sacramento Kings! (Ed. Note: Cheap LA fan cliché joke quota filled). Here I am without my yearbook, and Mike Richards and Jeff Carter already signed my chest. ‘HEY QUICK, SIGN MY SANDWICH.”

In summary: Rick Nash signed a shoe; Dustin Brown signed a cell phone; Brooks Orpik was given three wedding invitations from fans, and signed them all; Dan Boyle signed the inside of an Aston Martin; Jordan Staal and Corey Perry signed “body parts,” which we assumed were severed from a corpse; Zach Parise signed a stomach, and that's questionable whether we're talking New Jersey or Minnesota; Martin St. Louis signed a forehead; Taylor Hall signed an elbow -- we'll assume it's not Alex Edler's.

And Jonathan Quick signed a grilled cheese sandwich, a fact that has become the go-to story for Jonathan Quick whenever he’s asked about the oddest thing he’s ever signed.

Like on this NHLPA chat.

Like at the LA Kings fan event.

We imagine he casually drops it while signing credit card receipts and rental car contracts, too.

So what would you ask your favorite NHL player to sign?