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How the Rangers got Lundqvist; Quick turnaround; Grabovski to soccer? (Puck Headlines)

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The most famous sign in hockey history?

The most famous sign in hockey history?

• Remembering the most famous sign in hockey history, which is none of these, apparently. It's the above sign from 1994. [NJ]

• Stephen Whyno's five things to watch in the Stanley Cup Final. [Canadian Press]

• The Kings still have confidence in Jonathan Quick, despite his play in the West Final. [Daily News]

• But seriously, Quick was bad. [The Score]

• The incredible story of how the Rangers got Henrik Lundqvist. [NY Post]

• The Kings and Rangers have had some strange player crossover over the years. [Greatest Hockey Legends]

• It's cheaper for New Yorkers to fly to LA and watch a Stanley Cup Final game there. [The Wire]

• How Gary Bettman got his dream Stanley Cup Final. [Buffalo News]

• What a Stanley Cup could do for Rangers' investors. [Quartz]

• Comparing the 1994 Rangers with the 2014 Rangers. Maybe it's just the Canucks fan in me, but I like this year's team better for some reason. [PHT]

• Speaking of Canucks fans, one of them won the World Shin-Kicking Championship in the United Kingdom. No surprise that a Canucks fan was properly-conditioned to absord several kicks to the shin. That's basically the fan experience. [Pass it to Bulis]

• Mikhail Grabovski has signed with a Belarusian... soccer team. [RMNB]

• Stats! They're not just for breakfast anymore. [Denver Post]

• Marian Gaborik: a study in failed greatness. [ESPN Minnesota]

• Top-ranked prospect Sam Bennett couldn't do a pull-up! That's it. Don't draft him. [Buzzing the Net]

• Here's the most Saskatchewan thing ever: in order to find welders, a company placed an ad looking for hockey players that could weld. That got the desired response. [National Post]

• Marc-Edouard Vlasic talks to the KHL about his season and his Croatian ancestry. He also deftly dodges a question about whether he'd ever come to the KHL, which one imagines was the real reason the league wanted him on the phone. [KHL]

• The Kings and Rangers have had some bad postseason blood in the past. Here's a look back at a crazy bench-clearing brawl from the 1981 playoffs. [Sportsnet]

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