Here's what it looks like when a hockey puck is crushed by 80,000 pounds (Video)

Harrison Mooney
April 5, 2014
Crushed hockey puck
A hockey puck crushed by 82,000 pounds.

There's something very settling about watching stuff get wrecked in slow motion. Maybe it's because we all know everything in this world is destined to eventual ruin, often suddenly, and seizing the reins of the inevitability of destruction, and slowing it down to a pace we can see and understand gives us a feeling of power, of control, in a senseless world where we often have none.

Or maybe it's just because it usually looks cool. 

Either way, I suspect you'll enjoy this video of a hockey puck -- an official Alabama-Huntsville Chargers game puck, at that -- getting slowly crushed to nothingness by 80,000 pounds (about 266 Dustin Byfugliens).

Maybe it's just me, but watching the puck begin to almost ooze out the sides of the machine was probably the most satisfying thing I'll see today. Very cool.

So there you have it. If you've ever wondered what it looks like when a hockey puck is crushed by 40 tons (or 40 tonnes, for those of you in Canada), now you know.

s/t to Reddit Hockey.