Henrik Lundqvist up for 'King of Swag' at Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards

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So swaggy.
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Henrik Lundqvist earned the "King Henrik" nickname during his rookie season with the New York Rangers, when his dominant play led fans and media to adopt the moniker. Shortly after that, he seized the throne in a bloody coup, then placed the heads of his enemies and all those who opposed his rule on stakes outside of Madison Square Garden. That sealed it. He was King Henrik.

But what, exactly, is he the king of?

New York doesn't have a king, and they won't until the unknown event that triggers the apocalypse and turns it into a wasteland. And even then, their ruler might turn out to only be a Duke, like in Escape From New York. So it's not the big apple.

It's not Sweden, either. They have a different king. His name is Carl.

Alas, the kingdom of King Henrik has been a great mystery to all for years now. But Nickelodeon believes it has solved it: voting is now open for the all-important 2014 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards, and Henrik Lundqvist is nominated for "King of Swag".

I'll be honest, you guys. I didn't used to care about the Nickeoloden Kids' Choice Sports Awards, because I'm not a kid, and they don't tend to make the best voters. (Heck, left to their own devices, their feeble attempts at government look more like chilling, authoritarian allegories, so I doubt they'd even be able to maintain a proper democracy. And if they knew anything, they'd know you don't vote for a king anyway.)

But I want Henrik Lundqvist to win King of Swag very badly.

He deserves it, I think, and not just because it finally gives him a thing to be king of. I don't know what swag is, really, or how it differs from swagger, or how you distill it into "swagu", but I'm convinced that, whatever swag is, Lundqvist is more fit to rule its kingdom than Eric Decker, Cristiano Ronaldo, Amar'e Stoudemire, Russell Westbrook or Dwyane Wade. Especially if it's an ice kingdom, which it would be is Lundqvist was the king of it.

Plus, I mean, come on, King Dwyane? Get serious. He's not even the king of his own team.

Further bolstering Lundqvist's bid for the throne? The above photo with Justin Bieber, who, I have been informed, is quite "swaggy". Swaggy, as I understand it, is an adjective meaning "having swag". Would a swaggy sort associate himself with the swagless masses? I think not. 

Meanwhile, Sidney Crosby is nominated for sickest moves, which is fitting, as his moves are indeed quite sick.