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Hear Montreal Canadiens fans sing the ‘Lose Habs Blues’ (VIDEO)

You  might remember the Insomniacs from their breakout hit, Scott Gomez Can't Put Anything In, which celebrated the legendary scoring drought of the Montreal Canadiens centre. But the long-suffering Habs fans didn't stop there.

Frankly, why would they? If your schtick is documenting the trials and tribulations of the Montreal Canadiens through song, these days, you're looking at an overflow of musical ideas that would make mid-1970s Stevie Wonder drop his jaw. And thus we have The Insomniacs' followup track, "Lose Habs Blues", which wonders at the fact that Montreal fans now have little left to do but to cheer for the Canadiens to lose harder. (NSFW language in a photo caption.)

No pain, no gain, pull Price at the start of the game!

Said the Insomniacs earlier this week on their blues anthem:

Given that the Habs' season hasn't really given us all that much to cheer about beyond the potential for a draft lottery pick, we decided to bite back our tears and fully embrace this season's cataclysmic downward spiral and urge the Habs on to failure over their last few games (and that much closer to Yakupov, Grigorenko, Dumba et al). And there's always the chance that a few more games lost will further guarentee that the Pierre Gauthier yoke is taken from around our team's neck.

Great news, fellas! If it's freedom from the tyranny of Gauthier you desire, there's a reason to be less blue.

As an aside, one wonders if the harmonica-player already knew Gauthier was on the way out, because that is some joyous pocket piano playing. He's blowing the crap outta that harpoon; he's like the Sonny Terry of hockey music.

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