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The ghost of Patrick Kane haunts Flyers Cup prep championship

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Tell us if you've seen this movie before: In overtime of a championship game at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, an impossible angle shot that's nearly parallel to the goal line somehow sneaks past the goaltender as he hugs the near post. Game over, bedlam begins, as the winning team floods the ice.

Patrick Kane(notes) and the Chicago Blackhawks in June 2010 against the Philadelphia Flyers? Yes. But also La Salle forward Nick Master against Malvern Prep in the Flyers Cup Class AAA title game on Monday night, as this eerie comparison video by Crossing Broad reveals:

Check out the emo version of the clip here (we couldn't embed the song due to rights issues). From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Master said he was hoping to place the puck in front of the net as he saw two Explorers in the area. He said he wasn't quite sure how to explain his emotions once he realized his shot had reached the back of the net - just that he felt "pure excitement."

It's not a carbon copy of Kane's goal -- slightly different positioning for the shooter and goalie, and a much more immediate celebration than in the Stanley Cup Finals -- but the circumstances and the location make this freakishly similar. From Kyle Scott of Crossing Broad, a Malvern hockey alum:

For real, this is scary. The same net. The same shot. Both to win a championship game just minutes into overtime at the Wells Fargo Center.

Somebody needs to burn that net.

The good news for the Malvern Prep goalie: Based on recent history, he'll have a spot with the AHL Phantoms next season ...

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