Gary Bettman meets KISS in the greatest picture of all-time (Photo)

The appearance of KISS at the NHL's Stadium Series game in Los Angeles served a very important purpose: it provided an answer to anybody that would dare suggest the warm-weather outdoor game was a sad gimmick. You think THAT'S a sad gimmick? The NHL basically asked the skeptic, trotting out Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and the rest of KISS, who still dress like this, despite being 60. Check out these guys.

KISS are, after all, one of the gimmickiest bands in the history of time.

But, as it turns out, their appearance also served another valuable purpose. Speaking of the history of time, this photo is the greatest thing in it:

Thank you to Robert Beck of Sports Illustrated Classic, who gave this extraordinary moment the Hype Williams-esque, Busta Rhymes-era fish eye lens it deserved.

This has been your annual reminder that Gary Bettman is not tall, by the way. Here's last year's reminder, if you missed it:

That's 6'5" former WNBA star Lisa Leslie on the right.

Anyway, back to the KISS photo, which is a pretty huge deal. Sure, Bettman has presided over three labour stoppages in his time as NHL commissioner, but if you ask us, this photo is what he should be remembered for.

Although it probably goes without saying that he looks a little out of place here. We felt bad for him. So we fixed it:

He fits right in!

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