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Greg Wyshynski

Finally, the collision between MTV's 'The Real World' and NHL

Greg Wyshynski
Puck Daddy

"This is the true story of one of seven strangers, picked to live in a house in D.C. despite nasty protests and have his life taped ... to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start mysterious internships with the Washington Capitals."

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It was revealed late last month that Ty Ruff of Baltimore, a cast member for the D.C.-based 23rd season of MTV's reality icon "The Real World,"* would be interning with the Capitals in their home offices in Virginia.

Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog visited the Capitals' "media day fantasy camp" today and stuck to the facts about this tangential connection between the NHL and those whippersnappers who watch the MTV these days**:

Fact: When asked whether this fellow was in fact with Real World D.C., the Caps declined to comment.

Fact: This fellow went through drills with other media members, taking faceoffs against Boyd Gordon(notes), driving into the boards with Matt Bradley(notes), and learning how to skate from backup backup backup goalie Brett Leonhardt(notes). He told Bradley it was his second time on the ice, and indeed, when attempting to score during a breakaway drill against USA Today's A.J. Perez, he fell full around to the ice, his helmet toppling off his head. During one of his faceoffs against Gordon, he kept drifting backward; "where am I going?" he asked the world. But Bradley said he was "pretty good" for such a novice.

Everyone from the media to the Capitals to their coaches had to sign releases after the "documentary" crew was finished. Also, Ty from The Real World (get used to it, dude) sat in Alexander Ovechkin's(notes) stall. Russian Machine does not approve.

This being the "Real World," one can only hope that this Capitals connection leads to a random drunken hookup between cast-members in Leonsis's owner's suite; or, at the very least, a crossover from Mike Green's appearance on "Cribs." Fact: We've actually reached the point in pop culture history in which there are more Washington Capitals than videos on MTV.

* The photo from "The Real World: Hawaii" is in honor of the season that, for our money, represented the moment in which the franchise became sinisterly self-aware and just decided to make itself a Roman orgy.

** The is actually the second greatest tangential connection between the NHL and "The Real World," behind Season 1's Eric "The Grind" Nies's amazing work as a sideline prince for Versus's pro lacrosse coverage.

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