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The Fan Lockout: Your unofficial hip-hop anthem of NHL lockout boycott (VIDEO)

Greg Wyshynski
Puck Daddy

If you're an NHL fan that hasn't fallen into a slumber of apathy, then you're probably a bit cheesed off at the owners and players for putting the season at risk through their respective avarice. You're angry, put can't quite put into words what you want to do about it.

Please allow RiSHI, rapper and frat boy, to help you out. Here's "The Fan Lockout," your unofficial hip-hop anthem of fan angst.

Oh, that's catchy. Nice of PK Subban to show up, too.

Sample prose:

What about the fans man? The ones who buy the tickets
The ones who don't have payrolls with such high statistics
You want more money and then pretend you're hardly greedy
You're far from needy as you sit in your Ferrari GT
Lacin' up, claim to play the game they love
Looks to me like love got pricy so we're savin' up
The players wanting in the NHL is making billions
"We need money we're not playing hockey till you pay more millions!"
And Gary Bettman, let's make a bet man
I say you don't really care about upset fans
As long as pockets making profits here's our final offer
Rejecting three proposals, ten minutes no time to ponder
So here's a song for the workers selling chips and hot dogs
For the pub servers, making less tips and lost jobs
All cause some millionaires can't make the peace
They say temperatures rising so lets raise the heat.

YES! THE PUB SERVERS! Won't anyone think of the men and women who expertly pour a Guinness to the pathetic hockey scribes hours after the locker rooms have closed …

Nice work here by RiSHI, although we're left wondering what, exactly, the Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames did to warrant exclusion from his chorus. We imagine it has something to do with Brendan Morrison.

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