Erik Karlsson wins Halloween as Ursula, the Sea Witch (Photo)

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  • Erik Karlsson
    Erik Karlsson
    Swedish ice hockey player (born 1990)

‘Tis the season for NHL players to get dressed up for Halloween!

We already had T.J. Oshie dressing up as a Dalmatian to be skinned and turned into a coat by his wife;  obviously, Disney is “in” this season as Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators unleashed what might end up being the greatest hockey Halloween costume of 2015:

Ursula, the Sea Witch from “The Little Mermaid.”

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Including tentacles. What, no Marc Methot and Patrick Wiercioch as Flotsam and Jetsam?

For the record, Karlsson’s eye makeup would have made Divine jealous. And that's a significant commitment to body paint. Not bad for someone that doesn't have a Hollywood costume department like Colton Hayes.

These photos are courtesy of Melinda Currey, featuring her as Ariel and Karlsson as the evil witch who gives her legs in exchange for her voice. Which, based on that stud Prince Eric, wasn’t a bad deal. Well, until that whole “Triton gets turned into a polyp and Ursula controls the ocean” gambit.

Luckily, no sign of Karlsson's arch Disney nemesis: That dastardly pirate with a hockey skate for a hand, Captain Cooke ...

Good luck to all those poor unfortunate souls trying to match this costume’s awesomeness!