Epic fail by Austin NBC affiliate: Cuts to commercial, misses Game 4 OT goal, apologizes (Video)

Oh, this was unfortunate on Wednesday night in Austin, TX:

It was overtime in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final on Wednesday night. The pressure was high. The next goal would either bury the Chicago Blackhawks in a 3-1 hole or give them new life in a 2-2 series against the Boston Bruins.

Viewers watching KXAN in Austin witnessed the Blackhawks cycle in the Bruins zone, tension mounting.

And then … they heard KXAN news anchor Sally Hernandez tell us that “you have to love what you do” in order to host a morning show. And that Amanda Dugan is your traffic guru. And then a commercial for Capital KIA and their giving-away-cars prices.

And then, after roughly 30 seconds of promos and ads, the station cut back to the game ... to see the Blackhawks celebrating Brent Seabrook’s game-winning goal in overtime.

Which KXAN missed.

But at least viewers now understand how lucky the morning news team is to work with one another.

KXAN issued an epic apology on its newscast after the game (via Awful Announcing). Ironically, it aired right around a feature story on hockey’s growing presence in Austin:

“Computer automation will bite ya sometimes.”

This is how it begins, the robot apocalypse; not with a rain of nuclear missiles triggered by SKYNET, but by a computer ruining Game 4 for hockey fans in Texas …