ECHL Reading Royals wearing spooktacular Halloween jerseys (Pass or Fail)

(Because this Halloween jersey for the ECHL Reading Royals is rather elaborate and amazing, we here at Puck Daddy have decided to let our old friend the Crypt Keeper from “Tales From The Crypt” to write this one.)

On SHOCKTOBER 30th, the EEK-CHL’s Washington Capitals affiliate the DEADing Royals are hosting the Green-VILE Road Warriors for a Halloween eve hockey contest.

To celebrate, the Royals have a little surprise for the FREAKS in the SEATS: They’re going to wear this SPOOKTACULAR sweater filled with BATS, PUMPKINS, SCARY TREES and a VAMPIRE LION who wants to MANE-GLE you.

It’s the kind of jarring jersey you’d expect to see on a SIDNEY GORESBY or a ROBERTO BOOUNGO or COREY SCARY or TAYLOR HELL or a JEFF SKINNER!

I give this hockey jersey a … GRAVE review. I’m sure it will inspire the Royals to score many more … GHOULS than the Warriors.

You know what they say about hockey: Skeletons don’t play it because they don’t HAVE THE GUTS. HEEEEEEHEE HEE HEE HEE!

Until next time, kiddies. But I want to leave you with one more Halloween fright: THE EDMONTON OILERS GOALS AGAINST AVERAGE! HEEE HEE HEE HEEEEEE!

• • •

Thanks Crypt Keeper. Now, what say you?

PASS OR FAIL: The Reading Royals’ Halloween jerseys.