Dumb Red Wings fan attempts Winter Classic video bomb, fails spectacularly (Video)

Harrison Mooney

The Winter Classic gave us moments of beauty, and for that, we are grateful. But we would also like to give thanks to the Classic for yielding this moment of buffoonery.

Why yes, that is a Detroit Red Wings fan, wearing a Gordie Howe jersey, attempting to video bomb a live newscast, only to slip on the ice and fall faster than Tomas Jurco's icetime.

How dare you try to make a mockery of this holy event, said karma. GET ON THE GROUND. This may be my favourite 15 seconds of the entire event, save for that time they had good ice. I think it was somewhere in the second period.

The best part is that the fan just gives up immediately. Rather than popping to his feet and attempting to salvage his moment, he just gets up and walks away, embarrassed. Considering how often I've wanted a reporter to turn around and just sock one of these guys, it's very cathartic to watch Mother Nature do it for us.

s/t to FanSided.