‘Don Cherry’ rants about the lockout on Canadian comedy show ’22 Minutes’ (VIDEO)

Harrison Mooney
Puck Daddy

I know he's real and all, but Don Cherry just seems like a sketch comedy invention. I mean, if he was a little more widely known in the United States, he'd be the perfect guest for SNL's Weekend Update, maybe as a Bobby Moynihan character.

Thankfully, there are Canadian sketch comedy shows. Sometimes they're even funny. For example, "Don Cherry" recently ranted about the lockout on the CBC's long-running program, "This Hour Has 22 Minutes," and it was funny.

"You know who can't be locked out? Our troops." Perfect.

It's true, though, that the lockout doesn't just take hockey away. It also robs us of Don Cherry's entertaining, weekly, nonsensical ramblings and the equally entertaining outrage that follows. This may be the worst part.

OK, no it isn't. But it's still a shame. I mean, Mark Critch does a pretty good Don Cherry and all. His bit from last Christmas was especially memorable:

But as good as Critch's Don Cherry is, Don Cherry's is better. I mean, the real one dismissed the Metric system as commie stuff last June. That's inspired.

Come back soon, hockey.