Dennis Wideman apologizes again, had ‘no intent’ to injure linesman

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  • Dennis Wideman
    Dennis Wideman

Dennis Wideman practiced with the Calgary Flames on Thursday while appealing his 20-game suspension, as the NHL ruled he attacked linesman Don Henderson with intent to injure. 

Something, obviously with which Wideman disagrees. He spoke to the media after practice, and said the following:

“Firstly, I want to apologize to Donny Henderson. I feel awful about what happened. Hopefully he’s recovering and back out on the ice soon. I feel really bad about the whole situation. The last seven days have been tough.

“Never in my career have I ever disrespected or done anything like this to an official. I think I’ve prided myself on having a great working relationship with the officials, and I hope I continue to when I get out there.”

[Ed. Note: There is zero chance you’re ever getting call for the rest of your NHL career.]

“I just wanted to apologize to Donny again. I feel awful about what happened.”

“As far as the suspension goes, I’m really disappointed in the decision and the length of the suspension. I did not have any intent, at any time, to hit the official or hurt him or anything like that. I would never do something like that. I’m pretty disappointed with the decision.”

“The process is under appeal, so I can’t comment on it going forward, but when the time’s right I can take some questions and answer them.”

Wideman thanked the Flames and the NHLPA for their support in the matter, and also the Calgary fans. The final part of his statement was … a little much:

“In the past, our organization has done a great job of honoring linesmen and officials, as recently as Mike Cvik. And our fans, too. When we sent them off the ice after the game, they gave him a standing ovation. I think that shows how we feel about the officials in this League, and that’s something I want to be a part of going forward.”

Do you think, ‘No, seriously, the Flames have a storied history of honoring retiring linesmen’ was part of his defense in the hearing?

All we can see now in that footage of Wideman apologizing to Henderson on the ice is him whispering, ‘Did you see how we honored Mike Cvic last month? Would a man whose team did that ever intentionally harm a linesman?! Of course not! I want to be a part of applauding you going forward!’

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