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Dallas Stars pimp a ride, help a family in need

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"Pimp My Ride" collided with the National Hockey League last fall when Dallas Stars defenseman Matt Niskanen was on the end of a rookie prank. During an East Coast road trip last November, Marty Turco cooked up a scheme to have the Niskanen's 2001 Pontiac Sunfire "pimped" out. The end result was a complete make-over of the car that the 21-year-old rookie defenseman had been driving since he was 15.

With a new paint job and sound system among the changes, Turco decided to personalize things a bit more according to DallasStars.com: "The gray was replaced with Stars black and white, complete with the team logo on the hood, and ‘NISKY' affectionately placed on the back and above the doors. Niskanen's number 5 is displayed on both of the doors. And the top of the windshield is lined with, 'GO STARS GO.'"

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How is a guy supposed to get laid driving around in a thing like this?

I'm thinking that Niskanen immediately called his agent to find him a decent looking car to drive around in and was bumming rides from teammates when he'd go out on the town. He did say he got some strange looks on the highway driving that thing around. Boy, he really loved that car, eh?

It seems as if Niskanen's $585,000 salary and his charitable heart have finally decided to part ways with his ride.

Last Friday, the Dallas Stars and the NHL put the car up for auction via the NHL Auctions site. Bidding, which is currently at $15,000, ends on Saturday, May 5, with all proceeds will benefit the Matt McKee Family Trust. McKee, formerly the director of ticket operations, passed away in January, leaving behind a wife and young daughter.

Niskanen joked that he might have to try and win the auction because his heart might not allow him to let it go. If Marty Turco gets wind of his idea, watch out. It's not hard to believe the Stars goaltender will fork over an insane sum of money to keep it away from the team's parking lot.

I know Dallas might be somewhat in NASCAR country; but for a hockey player, driving around in that car has to be as embarrassing as, say, missing an open net from four inches away, right? (video)?

Game 3 between the Dallas Stars and San Jose Sharks is tonight; here's a preview.

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