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Councilman assaulted by Detroit Red Wings fan after loss to Chicago Blackhawks

Harrison Mooney
Puck Daddy

On Sunday night in Detroit, Robert Abraham, a city councilman and accountant in the nearby suburb of Dearborn, attended the Detroit Red Wings' game against the Chicago Blackhawks with his son and two of his son's friends from Chicago's Loyola University.

After the Red Wings lost the game, 2-1, the group stood out front waiting to be picked up by Abraham's wife and daughter. There, a Detroit fan saw the Blackhawks jerseys Abraham's son's friends were wearing and became aggressive. When Abraham tried to calm the man down, he claims he was assaulted. From My Fox Detroit:

According to Abraham, the unidentified man got out of his car to confront the young men, and when the councilman tried to defuse the situation, the man sucker punched him just as Abraham's wife and daughter were pulling up.

From the Detroit News:

"He just couldn't let it go, and before I knew it I was on (my) back."

Abraham's wife and 14-year-old daughter were waiting on Jefferson Avenue to pick up the group. The assault happened about 10 feet from the car, he said.

"It was very frightening because you have no control; my daughter was terrified," said Mary Ann Abraham, Robert's wife. "I am sorry I didn't get the license plate of the vehicle, but I was more concerned with getting out of the area."

Abraham required four stitches to close a wound near his eye and suffered additional bruises and cuts on his face.

Detroit Police said officers are looking for witnesses of the incident and hoping to uncover clues from the surveillance video footage.

This is the second nasty incident of this sort already this year, after the story of the three Philadelphia Flyers fans that assaulted two New York Rangers fans, one of whom was a New Jersey police officer and former marine. At least one arrest was made following that incident, and we hope another is made here in short order.

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