Columbus bar informs customers that Sidney Crosby is a sissy (Photo)

Greg Wyshynski
April 21, 2014

The Columbus Blue Jackets host the Pittsburgh Penguins on Monday night, and the atmosphere around Nationwide Arena should be electric and contentious: Invading Pens fans, mingling with amped up locals.

R-Bar, epicenter of Jackets fandom, is already infected with Playoff Fever, an ailment that causes many to say and do lamentable things in the name of postseason passion. From Seth Rorabaugh of the Post-Gazette, here’s the message that accompanied his receipt at R-Bar last night:

Boy it’s really that third exclamation mark that drives home that Crosby is a “sissy.”

Beyond the gay-baiting silliness of the chirp … look, it’s a nice, lazy jab at Sid that was funny back when he was the whiny Kid but is, in 2014, the antithesis of the type of player he is and the style of hockey he plays.

Having tipped a few at R-Bar, it’s a great hockey joint. So our plea: Be more creative. Why call Sidney Crosby a “sissy” when you can cite the fact that the best player in the world (sorry, Giroux) has “never scored in a playoff OT and — get this — has one third-period goal in his past 30 playoff games!” according to the Tribune-Review?

Jack Johnson has as many third period goals in this series than Crosby has in his last 30 playoff games. Sure, it’s a little wordy for a receipt, but …