Capitals’ Holtby rocked from the red line, juggles shot into own net (Video)

It's been a tough year for the Washington Capitals. Picked by many to come out of the Eastern Conference and picked by everyone to win the Southeast Division, the Capitals have instead struggled through a season of turmoil that has both predictions -- seriously, both of them -- hanging in the balance.

What's been the problem? Everything really, from the struggles of their superstars to some genuinely rotten luck. Here's a healthy dose of the latter, as Braden Holtby juggles a Dan Boyle shot from behind the red line and allows it to drop behind him for the game's first goal.

This is pretty much a metaphor for the Capitals entire season.

Now, it's not as bad as it looks. Joe Pavelski actually manages to change this puck's course as it comes across the blue line, and it skips once on its way to Holtby. But that's little consolation considering that, you know, there's no traffic anywhere in sight, he can see it, and the Washington Capitals simply aren't a team that can overcome crap like this right now.

And they didn't. The Caps went on to lose the game 5-3.