Canadian Prime Minister congratulates Canadiens, inadvertently trolls half his country

Canadian Prime Minister congratulates Canadiens, inadvertently trolls half his country

The Montreal Canadiens beat the Boston Bruins in Wednesday night's Game 7, punching their ticket to the Eastern Conference Final and keeping the dream of a Canadian team winning the Stanley Cup -- for the first time in 21 years -- alive and kicking.

Naturally, this was of some interest to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who knows that the way to Canada's heart is through their favourite sport. So he sent out a Tweet congratulating the Habs.

The problem, of course, is that the Tweet didn't exactly give every Canadian the warm and fuzzies. For some, it cut like a knife, which is also the name of a Bryan Adams record, which is a very appropriate album to reference in this very Canadian blog post.  

Sure was. Except while most fans of Vancouver and Toronto can agree that it was nice to see the Bruins drop go home, they can also agree that this tweet also serves as a little reminder of their recent heartbreak.

For Vancouver, it's the Game 7 they lost in 2011 versus the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final. For Toronto, it's Game 7 in the first round of the 2013 postseason, which they led 4-1 midway through the third period. And lost.

They're still pretty upset about that.

To these fans, Harper was basically saying, Great to see a Canadian team not suck versus the Bruins in a Game 7, unlike the sucky Canucks and Leafs, who sucked. Boy, do they suck. Suck, suck, suck. Anyway. Go Habs.

It's a pretty quality troll.

Harper probably didn't mean to do it. He was just trying to cheer for his favourite team: whichever Canadian team is winning right now.

According to his book, he grew up a Maple Leafs fan in the Toronto neighbourhood of Leaside. But in 2010, and again on Wednesday night, he had no problems cheering for the Canadiens, which belies true Leafs fandom and we all know it.

But according to his ex-fiancee, he was always an Oilers fan.

But in 2004, as he was running for leadership of the Conservative Party, and the Flames were running towards the Stanley Cup Final, he was a Flames fan. In 2007, when the Senators nearly won it all, he was a Senators fan. And in 2011, when the Canucks nearly did it, he bled green and blue. 

I'm beginning to think this might be some kind of safe and super-inclusive political strategy.

If it is, he did it wrong on Wednesday night.