Bryan Murray reveals he has Stage 4 cancer

Bryan Murray reveals he has Stage 4 cancer

When Ottawa general manager Bryan Murray revealed he had cancer in July, there was not much divulged as to the type or the severity. On Thursday, TSN revealed the sad news that Murray has Stage 4 colon cancer, which has also spread. 


“The doctor told me very matter of factly that I had colon cancer, it was in my liver and I had some on my lung. It was very serious and I had to get into treatment right away,” Murray said.

He also noted that he likely had the problem for 10 years, but did not get a colonoscopy. 

Added Murray, “A simple colonoscopy, in my case, probably would have solved the problem that I have.”

When the NHL did their "Hockey Fights Cancer" nameplates, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said he was fighting for Bryan Murray. We obviously now know why. Murray said in the piece, "there is no cure for me."

From the Puck Daddy family, we wish Bryan Murray nothing but the best in this battle.