Bruins fan Liam Fitzgerald proves he is 'Boston Strong' (Video)

Photo courtesy of @cavannafitz

Time to bring out the Kleenex. 

Young Bruins fan Liam Fitzgerald was seen fist bumping the team Tuesday night as they exited the ice after warmups against Florida. 

The video below is incredibly cute:

Then you read this story on about the 8-year-old Fitzgerald, and the challenges he has faced in his young life, and it makes this even more touching. 

"What makes Liam, who has Down syndrome, so tough? Well, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age 4. He defeated his cancer in the same way the Bruins took care of business in 2011. It wasn’t easy and it took a while – 3 ½ years in Liam’s case – but he eventually triumphed."


"Liam’s toughness is self-evident once you learn of his past medical history and current challenges. Those will soon include daily injections of growth-hormone until at least his 18th birthday."

In spite of these issues, he cheers on the Bruins as much as he can. He was Adam McQuaid for Halloween in 2013. It was a gesture that touched McQuaid so much that, per the story, Fitzgerald and his family were guests of the Bruins at a game last February. 

Clearly Boston has embraced Fitzgerald. Here is a photo of him talking to center Patrice Bergeron before the Tuesday contest:

And maybe he has a future as a reporter some day...

"Liam, his mom said, likes to “interview” the players whenever he gets the opportunity. “His favorite question of the players is: ‘What are the keys to the game?’ That’s probably what he asked Bergeron,” Christine Fitzgerald said.

Major stick tap for the Bruins in this situation.