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Blues the new Cup favorite?; Dryden on hitting; Stamkos infographic (Puck Headlines)

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Arizona's reason is faith-based

• Don't stop believing, Arizona. [Reddit Hockey]

• According to Bovada, the St. Louis Blues are the new odds-on Cup favorite, followed by the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers. [Kukla]

• The Tampa Bay Lightning's infographic of Steven Stamkos's 60-goal season is all kinds of awesome. [Lightning]

• And here's another cool infographic on Zdeno Chara's hockey stick. [Business Week]

• A beautifully written article by Ken Dryden about hitting in today's NHL. His story about Gordie Howe warning an opponent he was coming in for a check is really great. [The Globe & Mail]

• Four burning questions about the Western Conference semifinals. [National Post]

• A Massachusetts family is attempting to have a teenager who delivered a dangerous hockey hit on their son charged with assault and battery. [Prep Rally]

• Seven more Ryan Kesler tumbleweed gifs. [PITB]

• Nationwide Arena in Columbus is getting a new scoreboard. If they're wise, they'll make the score really small, since it only ever seems to depress people. [Biz Journal]

• Speaking of the Columbus Blue Jackets: Looking back on all the winners they've helped to build. [TFP] And what do you think of the 2013 All-Star logo?

• This Pittsburgh Penguins/Google Chrome apology parody is excellent. [Benstonium]

• The major questions facing every Canadian team. [TSN]

• John Madden's face has seen better days. [SB Nation]

• On Easton using LOLcats and other memes to sell hockey equipment. [Forbes]

• What does CBC do now that there are no Canadian teams left? Why, they remind you how many Canadians play for the teams still in contention! This really shouldn't be necessary. [CBC]

•What street hockey can teach us about livable streets. [Calgary Herald]

• The Boston Bruins come to terms with being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. [CSNNE]

• What could the Anaheim Ducks' roster use next season? [Anaheim Calling]

• Nashville Predators GM David Poile, on the Phoenix Coyotes. "I'm really happy for them that they won their first playoff series, but I'm not looking for them to be any happier than they are now." [Montreal Gazette]

• Hockey suplex, or the slowest-developing hipcheck of all time? I like the way the guy seems surprised to be called for a penalty. What? I can't body slam my opponents? The game has changed, man.

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