Blackhawks vs. Bruins Stanley Cup Preview: Who has the better celebrity fans?

Harrison Mooney
June 12, 2013

Leading up to Wednesday's Game 1, Puck Daddy is previewing every facet of the Stanley Cup Final between the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins — on the ice and off the ice.

Chicago and Boston are two major American cities, and both have contributed many exports to the celebrity landscape. As a result, both the Blackhawks and Bruins have some high-profile celebrity fans.

Celebrity fans are like regular fans, but better in every conceivable way. And because they're like normal people but superior, their fan support is superior also. Since home-ice advantage matters a great deal, it behooves us to examine which of these two clubs will get the larger celebrity boost. This could be the difference, you guys.

Chicago Blackhawks

By now, we're all fully aware that Vince Vaughn is Chicago's biggest fan, both literally and in terms of his undying support. This dude lives and breathes the Blackhawks.

Expect to see John Cusack at one of the Chicago games. And Jeremy Piven will probably be there. He's been a fan since childhood, according to this commercial:

And finally, the Blackhawks have a Belushi. Unfortunately, it's Jim.

Finally, the Blackhawks have that Barack Obama character, at least in spirit. Occasionally, he gives a shoutout to his hometown team, even if he's not quite as present a fan as, say, Mr. Vaughn. In his defence, he's busier.

Boston Bruins

Ben Affleck is probably the biggest name you can expect to see, although it should be noted that he is, by his own admission, "a total bandwagon jumper."

If you want a diehard celebrity fan, Denis Leary is probably one of the Bruins' biggest.

But the TD Garden will likely be full of Afflecks when this series shifts there for Games 3 and 4: Steve Carell, Li'l Wayne, John Krasinksi, to name a few. Here are some of the names that turned up in 2011, according to Hollywood Connection:

Up until June of last year, Bruins fans felt a bit left out of the Boston sports championship frenzy. Then, thanks to the first Stanley Cup in 29 years this past June, famous fans like Dropkick Murphys’ frontman Ken Casey, celeb chef Ming Tsai, “Superbad” star Chris Mintz-Plasse (you may remember him as McLovin), “The Office” star Mindy Kaling, Newton-bred actor/director Eli Roth, Dane Cook, Denis Leary, Jim Gaffigan, and former Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath, all suddenly had something serious to cheer about.

Dane Cook, you guys!

Advantage: Even

The Blackhawks lose points for Jim Belushi, but the Bruins lose points for Dane Cook and Mark McGrath. And while Vince Vaughn is probably the most ardent celebrity supporter of either club, what the Bruins lack in fervour, they make up for in bulk. We'll probably see a laundry list of stars in Boston, but it'll be a group of people coming out to the big event. How many of the names listed above are spotted at regular-season games?

And so, in the end, it's a sawoff.

But if Barack Obama finally shows up in a Blackhawks' jersey, they win in a landslide.