Behold 195 Philadelphia Flyers fans that watched paint dry for world record attempt (Video)

As we told you on Sunday, the Philadelphia Flyers attempted to set a Guinness World Record at Wells Fargo Center for “the most people to simultaneously watch paint dry,” as arena workers painted the lines and logos on fresh ice.

Here’s the attempted record. Let’s just say it was not a capacity crowd:

So, here’s the question: More fans in attendance to watch paint dry on an August Monday, or goalies that have played for the Flyers in franchise history?

We'll give you a moment.

According to CSN Philadelphia’s Sarah Baicker, there were 195 fans in attendance. There have been only 49 goalies for the Flyers since 1967. You presumptive jerks.

It was reported that there was no formal record for “the most people to simultaneously watch paint dry,” so in theory Scott Hartnell could have stumbled into an empty arena, passed out in the second row after a night in Old City and set the record himself.

But Guinness told Puck Daddy on Monday that Guinness World Records does not currently monitor a category for the "Most People to Watch Paint Dry."

Also from Guinness, regarding the record attempt: "There was no GWR representative present. If there’s no category for it, we wouldn’t send an adjudicator there."