Awkward ‘Tommy Boy’ goalie mask; trading P.K. Subban? (Puck Headlines)

Greg Wyshynski
January 24, 2013

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Via Bill Roose of the Detroit Red Wings, this is supposed to be Tom McCollum’s tribute to “Tommy Boy” and the late Chris Farley. But as Bill points out, it looks like Meat Loaf. Hey, we would do anything for glove (saves), but we won’t do that. [@Bill_Roose]

• Brian Burke to the Dallas Stars? [Defending Big D]

• Bob McKenzie sent tongues wagging when he said this about P.K. Subban’s talks with the Montreal Canadiens: "I think it's ultimately heading toward a trade," said McKenzie. "They're just too far apart on the term of the contract - P.K. wants long, the Canadiens want two years - and they're probably at least $2.5 to $3 million per year apart on where they want to be. Ultimately I think this ends up in a trade." [TSN]

• Wade Redden is in the lineup for the St. Louis Blues tonight. [Tennessean]

• Los Angeles Kings Coach Darryl Sutter, laying the smack down, making Dustin Penner a healthy scratch tonight. [@NHLbyMatty]

• To the surprise of no one, Wayne Gretzky shoots down Toronto Maple Leafs presidency rumors. [PHT]

• John Tortorella on whether Chris Kreider might be AHL bound: “That's something we have to really talk about as an organization because I still think he needs to go through the process.” [NHL]

• Chris Jones explains why the NHL doesn’t deserve the Stanley Cup: “During this lockout's 113 miserable days, I dreamed that we could take back the Cup. (I wasn't the only one; Canadians were so fed up there was even talk of parliamentary intervention.) We could have had a tournament, some massive tournament, with every team that wanted to play making its way to the rink until some ragtag team of beautiful beer leaguers skated with the Cup hoisted over their heads. Lying awake at night, when I imagined it down to the very last detail, their faces looked like that girl's, this grand trust of ours restored along with our game.” [ESPN

• To the three or four of you that might care about a Mathieu Perreault trade demand, he didn’t make one. [Capitals Insider]

• “Like him or not, Bettman has always been a friend to Pittsburgh. He is booed in every other NHL arena. He merits cheers here.” [Tribune]

• Revisiting the Cody Hodgson vs. Zach Kassian trade. [Puck Buddys]

• Vincent Lecavalier gets a spiffy silver stick for his 1,000th career game. [Lightning Strikes]

• Looking at different brands and how they’re thriving after the lockout: “Following the end of the lockout, the NHL was quick to share a video promoting the return of hockey in Canada and its official #hockeyisback hashtag. Similar to Nike’s ad, the video content appealed to Canadians’ emotional connection to the sport. Whether you’re a hockey fan or not, after you’ve watched the video, you can’t help but share in the excitement that Canada’s sport has returned. It’s not about hockey, it’s about a feeling that is uniting Canadians. The NHL captured it in this video at exactly the right time.” [Globe & Mail]

• Interesting look at the state of hockey in San Jose. [Examiner]

• Did players that played in the lockout have an advantage? [Backhand Shelf]

• Finally, here's video of Scott Hartnell's injury which put ... well, #HartnellDown.