Avalanche sort of tribute Rockies in possible Stadium Series jersey design

Photo via Icethetics
Photo via Icethetics

Behold the glory of a possible new Colorado Avalanche jersey. Is it a third jersey? Is it a jersey for the team’s Stadium Series game?

The above picture was tweeted out by Icethetics. Per the tweet it is likely the Stadium Series outfit. Or it may be a third jersey. Either way it looks pretty cool.

The Avs are slated to play the Detroit Red Wings on Feb. 27 at Coors Field.

First off – again if this the Stadium Series jersey – love the logo homage to the old Colorado Rockies franchise, which moved to New Jersey and became the Devils. It's not totally the same logo, but it's pretty close. Add in the Avalanche, burgundy and blue colors and it has a classic/modern look. Colorado's logo (which isn't really all that iconic) hasn't changed and this is a nice, different pace. 

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Sadly, this graphic does not seem to show us numbers or patches which are key components to any Stadium Series (or third) jersey. For example, the Kings Stadium Series jerseys from this past year had MASSIVE numbers on the shoulder/arm area. This dominated the quasi toilet paper look.

I’m sure all will be revealed at some point.

As for the Red Wings … this is a prime moment to replace the winged wheel with a Little Caesar’s logo for at least one game. Talk about free advertising. (Not real) pizza, (not real) pizza. 


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