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  • Jack Eichel, please never stop hula-hooping (Video)

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy1 hr ago

    Jack Eichel officially signed with the Buffalo Sabres on Wednesday, and has been hitting the town with the team to celebrate the arrival of their hockey savior.

    That included a stop in Larkin Square, where Eichel exhibited a skill that may not have come to light at the NHL Combine: a joyous mastery of the hula hoop.

    Seriously, look at this kid.

    Shakira hips that simply do not lie, his arms flailing like he’s riding a wave, a look of gleeful satisfaction one normally associates with a well-told dirty limerick. Jack Eichel hula-hooping might be our new spirit animal. 

    This Vine alone proves that the Buffalo Sabres may have gotten the best player in the 2015 NHL Draft. Unless, of course, Connor McDavid is an absolutely wizard on the Pogo-Ball. 

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